Our poured resin floors and microscreeds are exceptionally durable and resistant to damage from spills, dirt and stains while the resins offer effective sound absorption for a soft, luxurious underfoot experience. Poured resin flooring is extremely durable for any location that requires a robust, hygienic flooring solution. The materials used in our products are highly sourced and produce premium results. Quality is something we pride ourselves on and we strive to achieve and maintain the high standards by continuing to invest in this.

Chasingspace floors can be laid on timber substrate with an overlay of Hardie cement boards. These specialist boards are thermally more efficient, and eliminate the shrinkage which in time may effect ordinary plywood. In addition to timber substrate we can go over any sturdy crack free screed. Our floors are suitable for use with all modern underfloor heating systems for exceptional underfoot comfort. Please contact us for further information and we will help you to create your perfect floor.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • High quality resin flooring, resin walls and microscreed walls

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  • London, Greater London, Southern England

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  Person Jonathan Rea
  City Lambeth
  Phone Number 020 8265 2855
  Mobile 07799 673383

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Jonathan Rea


Chasingspace provide a resin flooring service for residential and commercial floors. Contact us for expert installation, high quality products and competitive pricing. Whatever your query, please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

Products & Services


Chasingspace microscreed blends tradition with modernity and is well-suited to residential and commercial interior walls. The finished seal coats objectives are to protect the microscreed from dirt and aging. They render a brightness and highlight colours with subtle tones, effects and nuances. We offer Polycarbonate, Polyurethane and Wax seals relating to their intended usage. They are available in matt, satin and a gloss finish and critically, they are all stable and resistant to UV light.

Sustainable Flooring

Renewable raw materials, low emissions, positive eco-balance, sustainability.

Our products have been tested according to the stringent AgBB (Committee for the Health Assessment of construction Products) regulations ensuring low emissions under AFSSET protocol, Nordic Eco Label & French VOC regulations (below) .

Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to say we are extremely happy with our new kitchen floor. The job was done on time, in time and with great results. I have already suggested your services to two friends of mine who work in property and who in turn are very keen to trial your product for themselves. We will definitely use you again should we have need to replace or change a floor in any future property we may have.

Thank you Jonathan for such a wonderful transformation to our floor. It was a pleasure to have you work on our house and the final finished floor is simply amazing, especially as you managed to extend the flooring out onto the patio and along the path. We are very happy and will be very glad to recommend you to anyone in the future

Jonathan, been meaning to thank you and your team, since LAST Summer, and sorry didn't return your follow up call, but you know what a mad house it is here! Yes, we are all very happy with it. As you know, I was worried how the resin floor would hold up with the children running in and out of the kitchen from the garden, but am pleased to report, a year later and the floor looks as good as new. Was the right choice of colour to blend in with the kitchen units and appreciate your patience mixing up and trying them out. Lots of our friends have admired it and have passed your number on.


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Chasingspace Resin Floors supply high quality resin flooring for residential and commercial properties. Our floors are stylish and quiet, hygenic, seamless and wear-resistant combining quality and underfoot comfort. Chasingspace floors come with a choice of infinite colours, full warranty and expert installation. Please contact us for a competitive quote. www.chasingspace.co.uk.

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From Our Website

We offer an image rich, user friendly site for you to navigate. In place of lots of technical jargon we let our images represent what we do to create a visually engaging experience. Chasingspace install high quality resin floors and polished concrete walls for the home and office. We are a small company and are very much hands on, keeping everything in house so our standards remain consistently high. We pride ourselves on maintaining a bespoke service with attention to detail, and work closely with our clients to create beautiful interior spaces.

Chasingspace poured resin floors are available in a full range of RAL and NCS colours to compliment any interior. Choose from an unlimited range of colours and bring any room to life with a beautiful, colourful resin floor. Flooring is the first step to setting the mood in a space, which is why it is so important to choose a colour that exudes the personality that you want the room to have. With the right choice of colour on the floors the room dcor can be kept neutral, or can simply compliment the overall style.

We offer products for different applications - home, office, swimming pool, school, garage, library, gym, restaurant and retail environments. For any property one of the most important things that you can do is look after the quality of your flooring. Not only will you be using it constantly, it will also be one of the first things that people notice. Naturally the floor stands out from the rest of the room and quality resin flooring can look stunning as well as give your home the kind of quality and validity that you would always be hoping to see.

Chasingspace provides the perfect mix that any property needs - comfort, quality, sustainability and environmental consciousness. If you want to purchase resin flooring that hits these standards and gives you a safe and secure home that uses renewable resources rather than finite fossil resources, then please contact us here. The Products we use require resources such as raw materials, energy and human capabilities. These resources are carefully and considerately chosen. Some raw materials required for the manufacture of our products are finite.