I supply and/or install solid hardwood flooring of all types, including strip, plank, parquet block and parquetry designs. I also undertake restoration of existing hardwood floors, including resanding and sealing. My business is based in Southport, Merseyside, and covers most of north-west England

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This floor had been carpeted over for a long time, and as the layout of the room had been changed over the years the border was missing or wrongly aligned in several places. This is an oak parquet floor that had been in place for some years and the clients wanted to re-finish it, but without the golden colour that oak ages into. We sanded it, then bleached it with lye and finally enhanced the lightness by sealing with a white pigmented lacquer. This was a utility room with oak boards, and after sanding we set out a chequerboard pattern using coloured oils.

A solid hardwood floor can be successfully installed in most situations, whether over existing floorboards or over solid floors such as concrete or mastic asphalt. Where there are more extreme conditions, such as in conservatories / sun rooms, unheated rooms, bathrooms, or in areas with underfloor heating, a wood floor can be installed, but there will be special considerations, which I would discuss with the customer. Installation of the new floor directly over joists is not recommended, as the standard spacing of joists in houses is too large for a satisfactory result.

This is a parquetry floor that we supplied and installed (Castell pattern), but the border was a soldier course with an additional black feature line, which is different to the more usual double row of blocks or single board border. With a traditional herringbone parquet floor with a double row border, curves are usually broken down into a series of angles. However, it is possible to fabricate a curved border after taking a template of the curve. It matches the bottom step, but does involve a lot of extra work.

This was an oak chevron floor, with smaller blocks than is often seen with this type of floor, but which was appropriate for the size of room. This was a listed building being restored on behalf of Liverpool University, and we supplied bespoke oak parquet blocks to the exact size of the original blocks, which were not salvageable. A lot of sub-floor preparation was required, and installing the blocks in the large circular room was a slow job, but very satisfying to complete. This was an interesting job, where an original parquetry floor had been removed from a listed building, and as part of a refurbishment an exact copy of the original floor had to be put back.

This is a new floor that we installed in St. Dunstan's church in Liverpool, which is a magnificent listed building. The boards were installed as a floating floor over underfloor heating. This was a bedroom with pine floorboards, which we bleached with lye and then finished with a white pigmented hardwax oil, which killed off the orangey colour that pine takes on over time. This is a new floor that we installed over a concrete base, first laying insulation boards topped with ply, which will help to keep the room warm in winter, and provide a floor that will feel warmer underfoot.